I had a hip replacement with Mr Bennett. I felt pain in my groin and so went to see Mr Bennett. He offered me an injection, but thought I had let it go for too long and would probably be better off to get it replaced. From once I had the consultation to having my surgery it was all taken care of very fast. All the staff filled me in very well at all stages of the preparation for the operation. The comfort I had from once I woke up after the operation was great. The pain after the operation was so much less. The worst thing was having to use crutches for the 2 weeks. Not being able to drive was also hard as I live outside town and had to depend on other people. I found the overall experience very good and I have been well prepared as to what to expect. I was shocked at how fast I was able to walk and go back to work part time. I did the exercises 3 times a day for three weeks before the operation and I still do those 4 months later and I think that is why I recovered so fast. I have talked a few friends into going ahead with it and stop putting it off and both are very pleased with the result. I found Mr Bennett and all his staff very helpful and the physio in The Galway Clinic was good in what she told me to do. She told me to push through the pain and her off the crutch as soon as possible before I developed any bad habits or limps and yes I had days that were sore but I kept going and made a great recovery. And yes some days I so too much and it gets sore but it is still far better than before the operation. (Anthony Heffernan, Ballina, Left Total Hip Replacement, April 2021 in The Galway Clinic)


I had a right total hip replacement with Mr Bennett. I experienced pain in my hip and when I met Mr Bennett he told me I had hip dysplasia and needed a total hip replacement. From the initial consultation to the time of surgery was 8weeks. This was satisfactory to me as I did not expect it to be so quick. I felt well informed prior to my surgery and nothing was left out. I was informed of the risks involved. Mr Bennett was very good to deal with and easy to communicate with. The worst part for me was the worry of what could go wrong. The best thing was no more pain. After the surgery the pain was bearable due to the painkillers. The compression stockings was the most difficult as they were very hot. Not been able to drive was an inconvenience but it was all worth it. Overall it was an excellent experience. All the staff of the Galway Clinic were excellent and Mr Bennett and all his staff at Mayo Medical Centre were brilliant, kind and caring and made everything easier to deal with. I was most surprised how quick the surgery was and that I was out walking so soon. My main exercise was walking and I had a few exercises I could do in bed. I love walking now, no distance is too far and I’ve no pain. I have recommended the procedure to other people I know who need hip surgery. It was the best decision I ever made getting an appointment with Mr Bennett. From the moment I walked into Mr Bennett’s office I was treated with the utmost care and respect by every person I was dealing with. I couldn’t have asked for better. I couldn’t recommend Mr Bennett highly enough. I lived for years in pain, been told I was too young to have a hip replacement. I wasn’t able to walk a km without pain, now I am hiking up mountains and hills because to my new hip as well as cycling all pain free. Thank you. (Aisling Finnegan, Sligo, Right Total Hip Replacement, December 2020 in The Galway Clinic)


I recently had bilateral knee replacements with Mr Bennett. I was experiencing severe knee pain and when I first went to see Mr Bennett he said that both my knees were very bad but that he could fix me up. I seen him initially on 15th January 2021 and had my surgery on 16th February which was very satisfactory. I was well informed before surgery and anything I needed to know I was told by the staff at the clinic. The best thing for me was that I was able to walk again. The worst part for me was the recovery time and not being able to work on my farm. I found wearing the compression stockings to be the most difficult part after surgery. The overall experience for me was very good. I was most surprised that I was able to walk so soon after the surgery with the aid of crutches and the physiotherapist. I spent 1.5 hours daily doing my exercises and walking. This included 3 half hour sessions. I would recommend Mr Bennett to a friend for the dedicated care and attention he gave me before, during and after the operation. The experience was good and thorough. The physiotherapy was really beneficial and the follow up consultation was excellent. I had always been nervous of hospitals but my experience with surgeons and medical staff at the Galway Clinic was reassuring and pleasant and my follow up visits to Mayo Medical Centre was excellent. Continue the good work. Thanks to Mr Bennett and his team for their expertise. (Michael Reaney, Claremorris had bilateral knee replacement in The Galway Clinic in February 2021)


I tolerated my right hip pain too long because I have an aversion to hospitals. It was only when sheep farming and hill walking became undoable that I gave in. Having given in and submitted myself to the gp, x-Ray, referral, consultation process and ultimately right hip replacement on the 8th January 2019 I found it very straightforward and not as daunting as I had feared. The treatment approach of Mr Bennett and his team helped me. It has been entirely about restoring function to as high a level as possible through a very understanding but highly encouraging philosophy right from consultation through immediate post op physiotherapy and beyond. It is all about what you can do and very little about what you cannot or should not .This is what I required. Liaison with the administrative team throughout has always been facilitatory and helpful, arranging surgery dates and outpatient dates always about fitting in around me. Inpatient treatment and nursing care in The Galway Clinic was of the highest quality again with a highly positive and encouraging focus. Six months on I am now back to my sheep and last weekend completed a fairly gruelling set of walks on the Burren. I have my sights set on Carrauntoohil for September and am thoroughly enjoying my physical life. I have learned that the disability of hip arthritis slips up on you quietly and it is very easy to accept that as the real you when it doesn’t have to be that way. It is a great joy to have defeated that, to be able to move and walk freely is a gift to be enjoyed fully every day thanks to the surgical expertise of Mr Bennett and the care of his team . (Michael Healy, Derry, Right Total Hip Replacement, January 2019)


I had pain for a long time in my hip. Mr Bennett said to me that I needed a hip replacement and explained to me what it would involve. He was very easy to talk to and I felt I was in good hands. The timeframe from my initial consultation to the surgery was two months and this was great as I thought it would take longer. I was well informed prior to my surgery. The best thing about getting my hip replaced was that I had no more pain as I had suffered for years. The most difficult thing about the surgery for me was wearing the compression stockings. When I was back in the ward after the surgery I had no pain and asked myself why I did not have the hip replacement years earlier and this was down to Mr Bennett’s great work. I was most surprised after my surgery about the lack of pain. The aftercare was very good and Mr Bennett brought me back to his clinic to make sure everything was alright. I found the physiotherapy exercises good and I done them twice a day and they really helped to get my hip working better. I would recommend Mr Bennett to my friends as I found him so good and the way he talked to me and put my mind at ease. Otherwise I would never have gone ahead with the surgery. My overall experience was brilliant and I have never looked back since. I can sleep at night without pain and I would say to any person who asks, to go to Mr Bennett and have your surgery done and the care is so good. I would like to thank Mr Bennett for doing my surgery. I never had pain since so I can go for walks again which I enjoy. (Bridie Coleman, Claremorris, Right Hip Replacement in November 2018 in Mayo University Hospital)


I had a hip replacement with Mr Bennett in The Galway Clinic. My pain began in my groin and travelled down my leg into my knee. When I first met Mr Bennett he confirmed that I had osteoarthritis and had obviously had it for a long time although the pain had only interfered with daily activities for a few months. The timeline was approximately 2 months which was my choice. Mr Bennett offered to do the surgery a month sooner but I chose not to. I felt very well informed about what to expect. Mr Bennett sent me to see a physiotherapist before surgery which I found fantastic as I had learned exercises and how to use the crutches before the op. The best thing for me post operatively was being pain free. I regained my independence very quickly and this amazed me. I used all the aids suggested to me. The worst part was not being able to drive and so I needed family for shopping etc. Also with 2 crutches it’s difficult to take food to the table without help. The most difficult part was the compression stockings. Due to swelling they caused a lot of discomfort. My pain was well managed with meds and at no time was it as severe as before the operation. I found it difficult to sleep on my back at first but it was worth the discomfort to be pain free. After my diagnosis I felt it was awful. However eight weeks after surgery I feel like it was the best decision to have had the surgery becoming as independent as possible makes recovery better as tasks pass time and kept me active. The amount of things I could do for myself after surgery surprised me the most. I could go up and down stairs without difficulty using the method I was shown. I could wash and dress myself and get in and out of bed by myself. I completed my exercises at least three times a day for 15 minutes each time. I found this loosened and relaxed my leg. I walked three times a day for 20 minutes each time to begin and built this time up as I got stronger. I found the walking fantastic. I would recommend Mr Bennett to a friend as he is very easy to talk to and kept me informed and I felt valued as his patient. I will in the future need my other hip replaced and I look forward to Mr Bennett performing my op that is how much I would recommend Mr Bennett, The Mayo Medical Centre and The Galway Clinic. Overall the whole experience was less traumatic than I anticipate. Mr Bennett was present throughout my hospital stay and at the end of the phone once I was discharged. All the staff had time to listen, explain and reassure. (Finola Hughes, Left Total Hip Replacement, October 2017)



I had my hip replaced by Mr Bennett in January 2018 in The Galway Clinic. When I met Mr Bennett I had pain in my hip and down my leg. He told me my hip was bone on bone and I would need a hip replacement. I seen Mr Bennett in September and had my surgery in January so the timeframe was very satisfactory. I well very well informed prior to my surgery. The best part for me was the pain relief and the worst was the thought of it. The most difficult thing after the surgery was having to wear the compression stockings. Everything went to plan for me and I would advise anyone with hip pain to get it done. I found the care to be top class and the surgery was first class and I now have no pain. After reading the book I done all the recommended physiotherapy plus 10% every day. I would recommend Mr Bennett and his clinic no problem and have already done so. Everything from start to finish from consultation to surgery and physiotherapy was first class. It has changed my wellbeing so thank you Mr Bennett and your team. (Patrick Mc Nulty, Westport, Right Total Hip Replacement, The Galway Clinic, January 2018)


I had a right total hip replacement with Mr Bennett. When I first saw him he told me that my hip joint was badly deteriorated due to arthritis. From once I met Mr Bennett first it was six weeks until I had my surgery completed. I was well informed at my pre op consultation and it covered all possible results of the operation and the side effects. The best thing about having my hip replaced was the absence of pain post operatively. The worst was sleeping on my back for seven weeks which I found hard to get used to and did not get enough sleep. The most difficult thing after the surgery was dressing and undressing myself. From meeting Mr Bennett to the post op consultation it was all good as it could be in the circumstances and the experience was all positive. I was pleasantly surprised by the caring and professionalism of all concerned at the hospital from the nurses and the admission porters to the theatre team. They were all very impressive. The physiotherapy after my operation consisted of three sets of exercises each day and I felt the benefit in the first few weeks and I knew the difference they were making. I would recommend Mr Bennett to a friend as he made a stressful experience go as good as it possibly could be. My overall experience was very positive and my post op consultation was very helpful also. I must congratulate the theatre team for looking after me from the pre op anaesthetist to completion and after care before going back to the ward. I was impressed with the compassion and professionalism from all concerned. (John Cardwell, Co Fermanagh, Right Total Hip Replacement, November 2017 in Mayo University Hospital)


I had a total hip replacement performed by Mr. Derek Bennett. When I first met Mr. Bennett, I found him to be very professional, and he made it very easy for me to explain what was going on. From my initial consultation to the date of surgery was 9 months, which I requested. My understanding is it could have been a shorter turnaround time. Prior to surgery, I felt very well informed. All of my questions were answered in a friendly manner, and I   never felt rushed. The best thing about getting my hip replaced was finally being free from pain and able to sleep at night. The only issue would be it    isn’t as good as the one I was born with. The most difficult part for me after surgery was not being able to go out for long walks for the first couple of weeks and not being able to drive. I found the overall experience very interesting. All the staff I was in contact with were excellent, very helpful, caring and gave great attention. The thing that surprised me most about the surgery and aftercare was that the surgery was done so fast I was out walking    after a few hours which was so encouraging. The aftercare was of such a high standard in a friendly atmosphere and all needs were catered for immediately. I completed twenty minutes exercises three time a day for a few weeks and then I was able to resume my daily walks that I was used to doing. I would recommend to a friend Mr Bennett and his team to a friend as they are so professional with a proven track record and thorough in patient care. The overall experience was made so easy and relaxed me with no stress or excitement. At night I include in my prayers Mr Bennett, Dr Sharif and all who participated in my surgery and aftercare for many blessings to be bestowed on all the. I thank them all for the wonderful new pain free life I am now happily living due especially to Mr Bennett, the surgeon who performed my hip replacement. (Thomas Tiernan, Ballinrobe, Right Total Hip Replacement, October 2017 in The Galway Clinic)



I had my left hip replacement completed by Mr Bennett 5 years ago. I had been experiencing pain for some time. When I met him he told me I need a left total hip replacement and the timing of this was to be my decision. From when I first met Mr Bennett it was two years until I had my surgery as I pushed myself as far as I could. Surgery was inevitable for me. I was taking painkillers more frequently and was less comfortable with this and so decided to go ahead with the surgery. I was very well informed by Mr Bennett, the hospital staff and the physiotherapist however I feel that the post-operative time, especially the first six weeks could have been better described. The best thing about having my hip replacement is that I have been given a new lease of life. I now play sport better than I did in the two years before my operation. I found it psychologically difficulty at times, particularly in the first six weeks, waking up every three hours and having mood swings. The most difficult thing was having to sleep on my back and the pain from the bruising (not the hip) and also the mood swings. The overall experience for me was challenging but rewarding. What surprised me most about the aftercare was that I was walking shortly after the operation. The care from the hospital staff were top class. I spend 1 hour every day completing physiotherapy exercises and I found this very useful. I spent 1 year in the gym after the initial 6 weeks and still go for 2 hours every week. I would recommend Mr Bennett and his team as they are all very professional and I received great care and great comfort.

Overall I would say the whole experience was top call. I am now playing tennis (singles and doubles), cycling, joggling, playing golf and this is incredible. Before the operation I think it would be good for people around my age to be able to have a quick chat with others who had the operation. People were surprised I had my surgery in Castlebar when there are clinics in Galway and Dublin.

(John Roe, Claremorris, Left Total Hip Replacement May 2015 in Mayo University Hospital)




I first met Mr Bennett in March 2017 when I was experiencing hip pain. I was told that both my hips needed to be replaced but we would start with the left one first. Two months later in May 2017 I had my hip replaced in The Galway Clinic. This was satisfactory and Mr Bennett allowed me to pick the date which suited me. I was well informed about my surgery and Mr Bennett explained about the operation. He let me know what to expect after the operation and what may happen during the operation. Prior to my surgery I was sent to a physiotherapist which I found very beneficial also and was well informed about the surgery. The best thing about getting my hip replaced was having no pain during the whole process and I was out of hospital within 5 days. The worst thing for me was sleeping on back and wearing the compression stockings. I found the overall experience very good and I am very pleased with it. I felt I was in the best of care at all times. Mr Bennett and his team were caring and professional at all times. What surprised me the most about the surgery and the aftercare was the after the operation I was up and walking around within a few hours and waiting a few days I was walking up and down stairs with the help of crutches. I spent fifteen minutes three times a day doing my exercises and these were beneficial. I would recommend to a friend and have no problem doing my second hip when the time comes. Mr Bennett done an excellent job and was very professional.

I found Mr Bennett very positive, honest and professional in his advice about the procedure and put my mind at ease. I would like to thank him for this. (Paul Gardiner, Swinford, Left THR in The Galway Clinic, May 2017)






I had a right Total Hip Replacement in Mayo University Hospital in March 2017. For me the pain was mainly in my hip which hurt very badly particularly with any right leg movements but also transferred to my knee, shin and ankle. Mr Bennett told me I had extensive wear of my hip ball joint and socket, with rough bone against bone caused by total loss of cartilage but he said “ don’t worry I can fix it”. My initial consultation was on the 3rd of March 2017 and my surgery was on the 30th of March 2017 which was excellent in my opinion. I was already on a waiting list in Northern Ireland since 2015 and told I could expect to wait until 2019! This was my first overnight stay in hospital and I was calmed by how the management and floor staff remained calm and kept good time keeping without being regimental. What surprised me most about the surgery was being awake and aware of the actions of the surgical team to a small degree (sound). This allowed me to witness the calmness of Mr Bennett and his team as they went about their craft. To hear them talking about things in general assured me that everything was ok.

I had five different exercises to do in bed for the three remaining days I was in hospital post op. Each exercise took about 2 minutes. I was also taught how to use the crutches on level ground and stairs. I would recommend the Mayo Medical Centre and Mayo University Hospital as a place for having a joint replacement as they are very lucky to have a very modern thinking and experienced surgeon such as Derek Bennett practicing there. I feel very lucky to have had my long awaited hip operation at a very reasonable price by a top surgeon with the best aftercare. I would like to pass on the knowledge to anybody in Northern Ireland that if you have been on a waiting list for a joint replacement just Google travelling to EEC for surgery, then Mr Derek Bennett and www.themayomedicalcentre.ie Your NHS will cover the cost if you follow the correct procedure and have been on a waiting list for longer than is reasonable. There is a maximum fixed amount but it is possible to get it done for under this sum in Mayo University Hospital which is great as many hospitals in Dublin charge double. ( Vincent Cox, Enniskillen, Right THR in Mayo University Hospital , March 2017)




I had a right total hip replacement in Mayo University Hospital in January 2015. The best thing about getting my hip replaced was beiDavid ukichng able to participate in sport again and being able to sleep without pain interfering. However for me the hardest thing was having to sleep on my back for 6 weeks after surgery. After the surgery I spent 10 minutes or so on physiotherapy exercises every few hours plus regular short walks which I found very beneficial. Having worked as a physiotherapist for 25 years this was a wonderful learning experience for me to be the patient. The positive impact it has had on my quality of life is remarkable. I still denote 30-60 minutes daily to exercise and would like to stress just how important this is. By keeping ones bones healthy and active the results of a joint replacement can be achieved for many years. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Bennett and Mayo Medical Centre  as a result of the friendly and professional service I received and I have the utmost confidence in the whole process. (David Ukich, Physiotherapist, Right THR, Mayo University Hospital, Jan 2015).


David Ukich, Physiotherapist



I had a right total hip replacement under the care of Mr Derek Bennett in Mayo University Hospital. Due to my age we decided to explore other avenues prior to surgery including physiotherapy and steroid anaesthetic injection. I felt very well informed during the process and I was very aware of the procedure and recovery expectations. For me the best thing was the instant pain relief and the quality of life I have now is superb especially as I have four small children who keep me very active. The most difficult thing for me was being patient and allowing the weeks to recover which I found frustrating at times. However, I worked very hard on my exercise and was crutch free and driving after 6 weeks which was amazing. I found the experience to be absolutely excellent at every stage of the process, from ward staff, theatre staff, and hospitality staff who were all so supportive and helpful. For me the delivery of aftercare support was amazing especially the physiotherapy and occupational therapy a few hours post op which was so beneficial to my recovery. I initially spent 20 minutes on physiotherapy the first two weeks and gradually built up to walks for an hour at a time. I found the first 6 weeks that walking slowly and deliberately onto my surgical side really helped me build up my strength. After 6 weeks I got into the pool and continued my recovery there with aqua aerobics. I would recommend Mr Bennett 100% because at every stage from early consults with Mr Bennett through to surgery I received such professional honest consults and advice. The surgery itself was a huge success and I had no issues with wound care or any aspect of my recovery. It was a truly positive experience from start to finish. I initially feared surgery as I have a young family and never had surgery before but when the pain became so bad it was the best thing I could have done. I couldn’t recommend Mr Bennett or his team enough. It was a hugely positive experience from early consults to theatre and recovery thereafter. Mr Bennett always made time for me. He is a true professional, a gentleman and an excellent surgeon. (Sinead Fallon, Nurse, Right THR, Aug 2016, MUH)


I had a Right Total Hip Replacement carried out by Mr Bennett in August this year. When he first met me he looked at my x-rays and explained that I needed a total hip replacement which would get rid of the pain and allodeclan-fitzpatrickw me to lead a better quality of life. The timeframe from my initial consultation to my actual surgery was four months and I was happy with this. The best thing about getting my hip replaced was that I was free from the pain that I had suffered for 14 months, ok the recovery is 12 weeks but it is well worth it! What surprised me most about the surgery was that I was out of bed and walking around with crutches the very next day. After my surgery I spent 20 mins on exercises, 3 times a day, as recommended by the physiotherapist. I also spent about 1.5 hours walking each day and I could feel the improvement daily as the exercises got easier. I found the overall experience very rewarding and I will have no problem in having surgery on my second hip if required in future. I would like to thank Dr Bennett and his staff and all the staff of the orthopaedic ward for the excellent care and attention I received. I have a great quality of life now and am finally pain free. (Declan Fitzpatrick, Hollymount, Right THR in Mayo University Hospital, August 2016)



I had right and left Total Knee Replacements under the care of Mr Bennett and his team in Mayo Universmargaret-flanaganity Hospital. For me the worst thing about the surgery was the fact that I had never been in hospital before and didn’t know what lay ahead. The experience as a whole was a very positive one. The care I received in the hospital was superb and I had the public health nurse and physiotherapist look after me when I returned home. I was given painkillers which I took as prescribed and given physiotherapy exercises which I spent approximately one hour on each day. Although the exercises weren’t easy they were beneficial and I knew they must be done. I also walked about a half mile each day during my recovery. I was very happy after both my surgeries and would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Bennett and his team for their brilliant work and the new lease of life they have given me. (Margaret Flanagan, Castlerea, Right and Left Total Knee Replacements, Mayo University Hospital, May and July 2016).




“I had a total knee replacement. After checking my x rays Mr. Bennett said the only solution was a joint replacement. He also saiknee implantd he couldn’t guarantee any operation 100% and I appreciated his honesty. For me the best thing about getting my knee replaced was more flexibility and gaining confidence in my leg again. Walking has already improved and I have a lot less pain and discomfort although exercise is still a bit uncomfortable. The worst thing was the anxiety about the outcome and being unable to work for a long period of time. I found the overall experience to be a very positive one. For me everything went very well. There was pain and discomfort for the first 48 hours but completely manageable after that. What surprised me the most was how fast Mr Bennett got me into physiotherapy and how efficient it all was, the kindness and care I got from everyone especially the nurses. I expected it to be much more painful and the pain relief was totally adequate both in hospital and after discharge. I spent approximately 1 hour minimum each day on physiotherapy to start and found the exercises to be very beneficial but tough in the early weeks. Yes I would recommend Mayo Medical Centre to a friend for the confidence you all instilled in me and the care everyone took of me. I am very happy with the aftercare, physiotherapy and follow up consultations to date. Mr Bennett was also happy with my progress and so that gave me confidence.”  (Thomas Ryder, Westport, Right Total Knee Replacement in The Galway Clinic, July 2015)



“I had right and left total hip replacements. Mr Bennett informed me that both hips were bad with arthritis and that he would remove all pain and give me movement without pain. He was very honest with me. The best thing about getting my hips replachip implanted was that I am now pain free and the worst thing was the fear of surgery. Overall I found the experience extremely worthwhile. Everything I was told prior to the surgery I now know that it was true. What surprised me the most was how quickly I recovered after both surgeries and I have to say I found the pain relief could not have been better both in hospital and after I went home. At the start I spent approximately ten minutes on physiotherapy three times daily and increased this as I got stronger. Mr. Bennetts name would be the first name that I would recommend to a friend in the same situation. He was always very caring and had a priority for his patient’s pain free recovery. I found Mr Bennett to be a gentleman in every way and he was also very encouraging towards me.” (Dominick Geraghty, Knock, Right and Left Total Hip Replacements, April and July 2015 in The Galway Clinic)



I would like to thank Dr Bennett and his team both in the Mayo Medical Centre and at the Mayo General Hospital for their professional care and attention both before during and after my hip replacement . I had a right hip replacement on 21st January 2015 and 3 months later I can honestly say I have not had a problem since. I have adhered to the rehab recommended  from day one and 3 months later I have not suffered an ache or a pain since . I would gladly recommend Dr Bennett and Mayo Medical Centre for anybody that would be considering a hip replacement as a result of my experience. (Tommy O’Boyle, Castlebar, Right Total Hip Replacement, January 2016 in Mayo University Hospital, Castlebar).



I had a double carpal tunnel release carried out by Mr Osman Yagoub. Mr Osman’s manner was excellent. He thoroughly explained everything to me in great detail and made me feel relaxed and special. I found the overall experience excellent and was surprised that I had no pain whatsoever after the surgery and received excellent care. I would highly recommend Mr Osman to a friend for his caring and professional manner. I had done a lot of research about who to come to for this type of surgery and I can honestly say I can’t think of a bad thing to say about the entire experience.  (Irene Loughnane, Carpal tunnel decompression June and August 2016, Mayo University Hospital, Castlebar).