Hip Replacement for younger patients


Hip replacements in younger patients are always much more challenging than hip replacements in the elderly. Firstly the younger patient will be much more active and have higher demands and will also look forward to many more years of useful function from his/her artificial joint. For best results with the most function and longevity we recommend that younger patients who are undergoing hip replacements should have ceramic bearings. These are much harder and more durable than conventional bearings and also carry a much lower risk of dislocation of the joint. In addition to the durability of the bearing the implant must be designed in such a way that if it does eventually wear out and need to be replaced it can be removed relatively easily while preserving adequate bone to be the foundation for the next implant. We recommend that younger patients undergo hip replacement using implants that are coated with porous titanium and fitted with ceramic bearings to allow maximum function durability and revisability in the future.