body comp imageWhat is a DXA Body Composition Scan?

This the most reliable way of measuring body fat today. A DXA Body Composition scan uses very low emission x-rays to determine your exact ratio of muscle, fat and bone. The scan will tell you your exact weight, and BMI as well as your bone density, and muscle and fat percentage. You will receive your results on the day in a colour coded x-ray image similar to the one opposite and in a table format detailing the breakdown of fat in different areas etc.


What will a Body Composition Scan Show?

  • Accurate weight

  • Body Mass Index (BMI)                                                                                                       

  • Total body fat percentage  

  • Total lean percentage

  • Regional composition (i.e. How much fat, lean tissue, and bone in arms, legs, trunk, etc)

  • Bone Density



Who should have a Body Composition scan?_DSC0806

  • Athletes/Fitness individuals whose aim is to improve their athletic performance

  • Individuals beginning or in the process of a weight management program


                           Fat % Chart

fat % chart


How long will my scan take?

The scan usually lasts approximately 10 -15 minutes.


What should I wear for the scan?

  • Please wear comfortable clothing without any metal zips/buckles/buttons. This includes underwired bras. Shorts or tracksuit bottoms are ideal. Please remove all metal jewellery, watches and piercings prior to the scan.