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Here at Mayo Medical Centre our physiother_DSC5622apists can treat a wide variety of conditions affecting the joints of the body. They have a keen interest in Hip and Knee prehabilitation and rehabilitation, back care and sports injuries. Our treatment programmes are individually tailored to reduce your pain and improve your mobility.  



Following orthopaedic surgery the Physiotherapist helps patients to regain their mobility and restore their confidence and independence. Here at Mayo Medical Centre  we offer expert treatment and advice both before and after your surgery. Our_MG_0726 physiotherapists have vast experience in joint replacement rehabilitation and will ensure you are on the road to recovery in the quickest time possible. We recommend having at least one physiotherapy session prior to your operation as research has shown that patients who do an exercise programme pre operatively have quicker recovery times than those who do not. Maintaining an active lifestyle ensures that the muscles around your hip joint stay strong.  

We have a physiotherapy gym fully equipped with everything a patient needs to aid them in their rehabilitation and tailor made rehabilitation programmes to suit all. Get up! Get here! Get better!