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What is Orthotics?

Orthotics is a specialist area in the field of medicine concerned with the design and manufacture of non invasive external devices which can be applied to any area of the body to correct deformities, relieve soft tissue injuries and improve whole body alignment. A person who specializes in the field of Orthotics is known as an Orthotist. Here at Mayo Medical Centre we work closely with Mr. Steve Allerton Orthotist of Allmed Healthcare and his son Jordan.


Steve Allerton

Mr Steve Allerton

Steve has over 30 years experience working in both public and private practices

His specialist interests include:

  • sports injuries and prevention

  • paediatric care and treatment

  • diabetic care management

  • spinal bracing


Jordan Allerton

 Mr Jordan Allerton

Frequent contributor towards peer- reviewed research journals ISPO and BAPO.

Specialist Interests:

  • Rheumatoid and Arthritic treatments

  • Orthotic intervention for neuromuscular conditions

  • 2D and 3D biomechanical gait analysis


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